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Links to Sites of Interest


Our Sister Site

Home of Richard Garfinkle's "Igor" three-dimensional computer animation and computer graphics, image creation, and photo editing software. IgorAnimation is also available for the iPad!


Other Small Presses

Airship Entertainment and Studio Foglio
Phil and Kaja Foglio's self-published comic books -- cracking good reads of steampunk, adventure, roleplaying games, and mad science

BenBella Books
A small press specializing in analyses of pop culture (Richard has contributed to several), health, and science books

Small Beer Press
Lots of good, imaginative, hard to classify literature


Authors and Illustrators of Interest

John Crowley
An author of wonderful, dense, hermetic gnostic philosphical mythical fantasy

Neil Gaiman
An author of dark, thoughtful mythical fantasy

Richard Garfinkle
An author of alternate science, science, and allegory

Overdue Considerations
Richard Garfinkle's weblog

Alessandra Kelley
Egg tempera art, largely allegorical and fantastical, instruction and how-tos

Nancy Kress
An author of hard science fiction, specializing in mysteries and genetic engineering

Mark Roland
A painter and etcher of beautiful science fiction and fantasy images and music album covers


Books and Sellers

Scientific Illustration: A Guide for the Beginning Artist, by Zbigniew T. Jastrzebski
A very good textbook by one of Alessandra's best teachers, now sadly deceased. He was truly one of nature's mean old kung fu masters. Long out of print, but copies can be found at, which is where this link goes.

O'Gara and Wilson Booksellers Blog
A first-rate antiquarian and secondhand bookstore

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